Allergy Friendly 1st Birthday Photo Shoot Ideas

Everyone has seen babies doing cake smashes for their first birthday. But, not everyone wants to do that and not every baby can eat cake. For our kids with severe food allergies, we had to come up with different ideas because there was no way they would be able to safely eat cake in time … Read more

Does Insurance Cover Baby Formula?

Different kinds of baby formula lined up at the store

Baby formula is expensive, and with a hungry baby, it doesn’t last long. Many people wonder if insurance will help with some of those expenses. Health insurance does not typically cover regular soy or milk-based formula, but there are other programs such as WIC that can help with those costs. However, if there is a … Read more

Master Guide to Halloween Candy with Food Allergies

Kids in Greatest showman halloween costumes

It’s almost that time of year again – football is back, the air will start getting cooler soon, and I’m seeing Halloween candy appear in stores. If you’re like me, and you have kids with food allergies, the idea of your child going house to house collecting candy full of hidden peanuts, soy, or loaded … Read more

Severe Vomiting After Shrimp Could Be Food Allergies

woman with stomach pain

Have you ever had an amazing shrimp dinner, gone home or back to your hotel, and then started getting nauseous and vomiting all night long? Maybe you’re here because it’s the first time it’s happened and you just got a bad batch of shrimp. Or, maybe you’re here because it’s happened once or twice before, … Read more

Smash Cake Alternatives

It was 2016, and my first baby was about to turn one year old. I dreamed of the trendy first birthday party, complete with a smash cake. There was only one problem…my daughter had FPIES. With a long list of foods to avoid that made her sick, we only had one safe food leading up … Read more

Disaster Preparedness With Food Allergies

It’s hurricane season here in the south. There has been an increase in the number of alerts on my phone warning me of tropical storms gaining strength as they near land, hurricanes sweeping around and knocking cities and countries to the ground, and evacuation notices as they become more urgent and less of a suggestion. … Read more