Does Insurance Cover Baby Formula?

Different kinds of baby formula lined up at the store

Baby formula is expensive, and with a hungry baby, it doesn’t last long. Many people wonder if insurance will help with some of those expenses. Health insurance does not typically cover regular soy or milk-based formula, but there are other programs such as WIC that can help with those costs. However, if there is a … Read more

3 Signs Your Child Might Be Outgrowing FPIES

My Kids Outgrowing FPIES , eating Fritos

One of the best days in the life of a child with FPIES (and their parents) is the day they can finally declare themselves free from FPIES. After months or years of trialing one food at a time and holding their breath, those kids are finally free to eat what every other child can eat. … Read more

Acute vs Chronic FPIES Reactions

The first few months with an FPIES diagnosis can be overwhelming to say the least. You start looking into it and realize any food potentially can be a trigger food, reaction times can vary, and reactions severity can vary greatly from child to child. One thing that was really confusing for me when we were … Read more

Help! My Baby is Getting Sick from My Breastmilk!

One of the scariest, darkest places we walked through as a family with a new baby with food allergies was when we realized that our daughter was reacting to foods through my breastmilk. It was overwhelming and scary, and there was conflicting information everywhere we turned. We were told breast is best, but what were … Read more

How to Trial Foods With FPIES

One area of FPIES that holds a significant amount of confusion and fear is the area of food trials. Choosing new foods to try can feel like a twisted game of Russian Roulette, and it’s especially scary when you’ve seen your child vomit uncontrollably and go into shock. So how do you trial new foods … Read more