Elecare Vs. Neocate: Elemental Formula In-Depth Comparison

Elecare and Neocate are both amino acid-based formulas, so there is no dairy in them at all. There are slight ingredient differences; Elecare contains soy oil, where Neocate does not, and Neocate and is non-GMO, Elecare is not. Some babies tolerate one formula brand better than the other. Amino acid-based formulas are an alternative to … Read more

Alfamino vs. Neocate Formula: Complete Breakdown With Ingredient Lists

Alfamino and Neocate are both amino acid-based formulas, but their ingredients are different. Alfamino contains potato starch and soy, while Neocate has neither of those. Neocate is Halal and Kosher, while Alfamino is not. Alfamino has a more pleasant taste, but for some babies with severe food intolerances it may not work. Amino acid-based formulas … Read more