How to Trial Foods With FPIES

One area of FPIES that holds a significant amount of confusion and fear is the area of food trials. Choosing new foods to try can feel like a twisted game of Russian Roulette, and it’s especially scary when you’ve seen your child vomit uncontrollably and go into shock. So how do you trial new foods … Read more

5 Ways to Survive Doctor Appointments with Little Kids

Any family with medically complex kids knows that there are TONS of doctor appointments. It really starts to add up fast. One way to start to lose your mind is to bring kids to these doctor appointments with you. So, what do you do when it’s your child that the appointment is for? You can’t … Read more

Which Doctor Should You See for Severe Food Allergies?

I’ve seen my fair share of doctors for severe food allergies, between looking for help for myself and my two kids with FPIES (a rare type of severe food allergy). There are several types of specialists that can diagnose and treat severe food allergies, such as allergists, immunologists, and gastroenterologists. These doctors specialize in different … Read more